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dj DAX started out in Manchester – where he would cut up recorded sound with his own music to create his own remixes and sounds, becoming a dj was an exploration of music and how to create a great party.


dj DAX was mobile in the 1980’s DJ-ing in working men’s clubs, cricket halls, student uni bars, clubs, venues in Spain and private house parties in London -  developing an eclectic taste in music and happy to add disco, house, electronica, funk and punk into the mix.


now based at the l’atelier24 recording studio, France


dj DAX working with Logic Pro and Reason offers Producing, Remixing, Song Writing and Lyric Writing services for those looking for someone who works with Electro and Electronica.


'I'm always looking for new experiences and ways to push myself as an artist and producer. I like to throw ideas, sounds and styles together to see what develops. The sounds I create are full on with a minimal electronic edge'

online radio

In 2009 on a trip to San Francisco dAX had an idea to create a on-line radio station that focused on bringing together music with a sci-fi twist. Named SPACE DOGS RADiO this channel has now grown to include other themes (DiSCO SOUP, kOOky, URBAN FORESt, POPtRONiKA, ROCKiN’ ROBOt and FaQ).


SPACE DOGS RADiO brings you music and conversation with a sci fi, space and technology twist. With the help of dj dAx on planet Earth the Space Dogs continue to beam their shows back to earth.


Have an idea about some music or clips to be included? contact on

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