Working as SNÖWFLAKE MAKER since 2004 dj dAX is an electronic producer who builds and blends digital beats and lush chords. 

dj dAX started in Manchester - where he would cut up recorded sound with his own music to create his own remixes and sounds. Becoming a DJ was an exploration of music and how to create a great party.

dAX earned his DJ badge playing working men’s clubs, cricket halls, student union bars, clubs in the North West, venues in Spain and private house parties in London - developing an eclectic taste in music and happy to add disco, house, electronica funk and punk to the mix.

In 2004 dAX went back to his songwriting roots and began making music under the name SNÖWFLAKE MAKER.

Alongside having an original track ‘LOSt AND FOUND’ on a Future Music CD, SNÖWFLAKE MAKER was a competition winner for a remix of a Wolf Club Athens track, released on Big Groove Records - also available on Beatport is the SNÖWFLAKE MAKER rerub of EKA's U KNow

​Now based at the L'atelier24 recording studio, France - dAX working with Logic Pro and Reason offers Producing, Remixing, Song Writing and Lyric Writing services for those looking for someone who works with the Electro and Electronica.

'I'm always looking for new experiences and ways to push myself as an artist and producer. I like to throw ideas, sounds and styles together to see what develops. The sounds I create are full on with a minimal electronic edge'

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